Onsite Consultations

Whether you have a small area that you are unhappy with or have several acres you need a plan for, we can assist you. Our focus is on helping homeowners to convert their landscapes to beautiful and ecologically beneficial and sustainable gardens. Our specialty is nature inspired gardens that incorporate aesthetic lessons learned from Japanese gardens while using predominately native plants. We also emphasize four season interest, because unless you go to Florida for the winter, you have to look at your yard all year around.

If you are looking for ideas for specific areas, we can do a design-walk-through. We will recommend specific plants that will look and perform great for your particular landscape area. We will also tell you how far apart to place plants as well as give other professional advice and tips. Examples might be soil preparation, what type of mulch to use, how thick it should be applied, watering instructions, plant care and so on.

After the walk through you will be sent a report that lists the plants recommended and other specifics that you might need to execute the ideas.


2 Hour Consultations within 15 miles of McHenry, IL are $250. Additional on site time that may be required for larger or more complex sites is billed at an additional $100/hour. Locations further than 15 miles from McHenry have an additional travel expense.

If you are in interested in a on site consultation, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted with more information. We are available for on site consulting calls in McHenry and the surrounding Illinois counties.

Online Consultations

If you are out of our area and would like an online consultation these are available. Please contact us for more information.