Do you want an attractive and colorful landscape?

How about one that is low maintenance?

If so, you might be interested in an ecological planting.

Ecological plantings can provide flowers throughout the year, interest-even during our long winters, attract birds and pollinators like butterflies, and once established won’t require fertilizer, pesticides, mulch or even regular watering.

They don’t have to look a wild meadow either. They can be designed to include massed plantings, evergreen hedges, your favorite showy ornamentals, even artwork.

So whether you have an existing landscape that needs some sprucing up or have an entirely new yard you are ready to landscape, contact me to see how I can transform your property.

An Example Planting

Picking the right sized plant often depends on knowing your plants. These were mostly plugs which establish quickly and can catch up to the larger more expensive gallon sized plants within a year.

But you need to know your plants, if you were to try that with the Blue False Indigo (Baptisia australis), you would be waiting years to get any flowers much less a decent sized plant.

Here is the planting as it is being laid out.

Here it is immediately after planting in late May.

If done right, they can quickly fill in. Here is this planting one year later!

Interested in having an ecological garden planted for you?

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